Frequently Asked Questions


"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."

- Dorothea Lange

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What is Timeless Memories' availability?

Our calendar typically fills up 2-3 weeks in advance, so make sure you contact us as soon as you know when you would like to schedule your session.  We like to do no more than 6 sessions a week to keep our quality and service at its best. *Please note that the use of cameras – still, phone, and video – other than the photographer’s is prohibited during your session. 

Sessions, consults and reveals/ordering appointments are booked Monday – Friday from 9:00am until 5:00pm. Limited evening appointments are available, mostly mid-April to late October to take advantage of the beautiful Golden Hour. From time-to-time, Sunday sessions are available for an additional weekend fee. 

How do I book a session with Timeless Memories Photography?

Your creative fee, any travel fees and a signed contract will officially reserve your date and time with us.  If, for some reason, your session needs to be rescheduled, your creative fee will be transferred as long as it’s rescheduled within 30 days of the original session date.  If the session is canceled or there is a no-show, your creative fee is forfeited. 

How much can I expect to spend?

Most of our clients choose to invest between $750 and $3,000 for their art which will be cherished for years to come. 

How do I choose a location for my session?

We offer in-studio and on location photography.  If you don’t know where to go, we can help!  Feel free to explore Pinterest, Google, or the likes to help us get a better idea of what feel and look you are going for, and we will most likely know of a place that will accommodate!  We are available for local, national, and international travel!

What should I wear? What should I do with my hair/makeup?

We generally suggest (depending on what type of session it is of course) something comfortable – we like to go by the “Three Colors + Pop” rule.  Choose three colors – one being neutral – and try to coordinate each family member’s outfit using those colors only.  Then add a “Pop” of color – a belt, scarf, hat, etc.  Pinterest can always help you with ideas as well. 

A few of our favorite local salons for hair – Salon MarZell on Bultman Drive, or even right next door to us at The Werx Hair Studio – or you may choose to do your hair at home or with your own stylist.  Whatever you choose, please have your hair ready (minus touchups of course) to go, or give yourself enough time prior to your session for a hair appointment. 

As for makeup, we suggest using Erica Christmas! She is right here in town and does excellent work! Just ask us for her details and contact information. 

What if the weather is less than ideal on the day of my session?

We will keep a close eye on the weather for rain, storms, and extreme heat/cold during the week of your session.  We will be in touch with you a day or two before your session and if need be, we will happily reschedule you session.  Or you can dance in the rain and we'll have an amazing time! 

What if my child is/I am sick or injured on the day of my session?

PLEASE, do not come in for a session with a sick child, or if you are too ill or injured to attend safely.  Please just call us with as much notice as you can (leave a voicemail on our machine if after hours) and we will reschedule your shoot accordingly.  NO ONE is happy with the outcome of a session when an illness or injury has occurred.

How do I order images from my session?

We'll schedule a Reveal at our studio to view and order your prints and products 7 – 10 days after your session.  Please have all persons at the viewing that are needed to make a decision about purchasing portraits.  If an order is not placed at the viewing session, the prices quoted will be available for the next 7 days, after that time the A La Carte prices will be in effect.  If you need to reschedule your viewing session, please give us 48 hours notice.  

Is there any way I can have proofs to view at home?

Although most clients find it easier to view the images with our assistance at the studio, an online gallery is available upon request.  There is a $100 charge, to be paid before your gallery is online.  This will be credited towards your order.  Please note that ONLY A La Carte prices are available through the online gallery.  You may choose to schedule a viewing/ordering appointment with us after viewing your gallery online in order to purchase at collection prices, which offer significant savings.

Do I need to give a deposit when I place my order?

All monies are due when you place your order.  For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express,  cash, and checks. There is a $25 fee for any returned check.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Which a 25% deposit and credit card, we can spread your payments out over a max of 6 months.  Please keep in mind that production will not begin on your order until payment is completed but totally worth the wait!

When can I expect to receive my finished products?

Due to the custom nature of our work, please allow three to four weeks for portraits, albums and framing take four to six weeks for delivery of your finished art from the date you place your order.  We will notify you as soon as they are ready for pick up. 

*PLEASE NOTE: orders not picked up within 60 days of notification will be subject to a monthly storage fee of $25.00 per month.  Orders not picked up within six months of notification will be disposed of and all monies paid forfeited.

Do I own the rights to my images?

The studio retains all rights to images unless otherwise agreed upon.  All portraits created by Timeless Memories Photography are protected by Federal Copyright law.  This law prohibits the resale, reproduction, and/or copying of any of our portraits by any means - including scanning, photocopying or capture by digital cameras or camera phone.

Please respect our livelihood and the care and attention being paid to each of your images by adhering to copyright laws.  Moreover, as an artist, we wish to have control over the final look of our clients’ images.  Scanned or reproduced images are both illegal and a degradation of the original image quality.

*Please note:  You are welcome to share your images when taken from the Timeless Memories website, Facebook page, or blog on social media; however, you MUST leave our watermark on the image, or else give credit to Timeless Memories Photography. 

Is there any way that I can have a digital copy for use on social media?

Absolutely! With any print image that you purchase, you will receive a digital copy with appropriate resolution for use on social media such as Facebook.  These images are NOT intended for printing, and will be provided to you when your order is paid in full.

I am working on a budget. Will you give me a discount?

We have a variety of products and collection options in order to cater to every budget.  We DO offer a discount for Military, Fire, Police, and other Emergency Responders of 10% off of their purchase of any prints and products.  *Please note that session fees are NOT discountable. 

What if I don’t like my previews or finished portraits?

Out goal at Timeless Memories is to give you a great experience that is fun and enjoyable and to deliver products that will be heirlooms and enjoyed for many, many years.  We choose wonderful partners which provide the best quality products and therefore we guarantee that any wall art or album will always look fabulous or we will replace it.